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THE STRANGER Trailer (2022) British Horror

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⁣THE STRANGER Trailer (2022) British Horror
⁣Directed by Clarke & Gerrard, and featuring some of the best up-and-coming UK acting talent, The Stranger isn’t a film you are likely to forget.
A burglary turns to tragedy, when Amanda’s husband is murdered in cold blood. In an attempt to free herself from her depression and start afresh, Amanda takes her teenage daughter Karli, to the other side of the country, so they can begin a new business venture, as owners of a secluded bed and breakfast hotel.

Before they have even had chance to officially open, Amanda and Karli find themselves having to give sanctuary to Kyle - a traveller whose car has apparently broken down. While trying to be decent hosts for their guest, Amanda and her daughter soon become aware of Kyle’s bizarre behaviour, until he confesses that he is actually hiding in their new home from a group of supernatural hunters who will do anything they can to find and kill him. Is Kyle telling the truth, or is it all just an elaborate con?

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